Wellypedia: 5 Essential Wellington Boot Accessories

If you look after your wellies they will look after you and last even longer. It’s as simple as that. Some brands claim you get 25% more life out of your boots just by using their silicone spray. In this article we run through the essential welly boot accessories.

1. Silicone Spray

Rubber is a natural product, it needs care and protection just like wood or leather. We recommend using a silicone based spray. Most brands have their own bottles of spray which they recommend using on their boots, but essentially they’re all the same; a silicone based spray which “feeds” the rubber, stops it from drying out/cracking and “crazing”. Simply, clean the mud off, spray it with the care spray and then rub it evenly over the boot so that it is fully coated. You need to do this every few months, especially if you won’t be wearing your boots for a while and you want them looking shiny and new the next time you wear them.

There are many brands available; Aigle Swipol, Le Chameau Care Spray and Grubs Revivex are the ones we recommend.

2. Care Sponge

A simple sponge which you use to wipe in the silicone spray. Not rocket science. We have our own Wellies.com Care Sponge, along with Le Chameau’s Care Sponge.

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3. Boot Jack

Also known as a boot puller or boot remover. The humble boot jack saves you effort and prevents wear and tear on the boots. How many times have you struggled to remove your wellies? Get yourself a boot jack and struggle no more! But, the best thing about the jack is that it reduces damaging pulls and tears on the heel of the boot. Lots of people scrape the back of the boot on a step. This not only damages the rubber, but the tugging action stretches the boots on the heel. Then people wonder why the heel has split. With a boot jack removing the boot is a lot more controlled and better for the boot.

Cheap and cheerful is our very own Wellies.com boot jack. If you want a wooden jack or a metal jack, then you can go for the Aigle Wooden Boot Jack or the Le Chameau Wooden Boot Jack or Metal Boot Jack. They’re at least three times the price of our jack though. You can also compare all boot jacks.


4. Welly Boot Bag

The welly boot bag does many things… I know what you’re thinking… “Wow, please tell me more…”

  • It protects your wellies from light. When not using your wellies you should keep them in a shaded area. A boot bag is ideal
  • It helps keep the boots upright. Some boots are flexible and flop over, a boot bag will help keep them upright thus stopping the rubber from getting creases in it (which create weak points which will eventually crack).
  • A boot bag also protects your car boot from getting dirty. When you get back to the car after your walk. Throw your wellies in the bag, then in the boot.

We have our own Wellies.com Boot Bag that we recommend. We recommend it because it’s a lot cheaper than a branded bag and it’s a great bag. Other bags are available such as the Le Chameau Welly Bag and Aigle Welly Bag. Aigle also do a walking boot bag too, so if you have short wellies or indeed, walking boots, that one’s a great option.  You can compare all welly boot bags.

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5. E-Zip (for zipped wellies)

The last welly boot accessories is only necessary if you have a welly with a zip. We love zipped wellies as they make life so much easier. If you have mobility problems in your foot/ankle or if you just want a boot you can get off easier. A zipped boot is the answer. If you want to keep the zip in tip-top condition you need to do 2 things;

Use it properly! If you walk around with the zip down, then mud and grit can get in to the zip and break it. You must use the zip properly and zip your boots up when you’re in them.

Use E-Zip! E-Zip is a lubricant for zips and it’s great stuff. Every so often brush the dirt off your zip (if there is any) and then give them a spray with E-Zip. It’ll lubricate the zip and help maintain it.

We do have our Ultimate Welly Care Kit which has everything in it apart from the E-Zip, but including a pair of welly socks. You can buy yours here.

So, there you have it. Simple things to help you get more life out of your boots… hang on a minute! I’m here to sell welly boots! … Ignore everything I’ve just said 😉


Mr Welly

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