Wellies.com Brand Ambassador Programme

Love wellies as much we do?!

Become a Brand Ambassador by using our affiliate programme.

  • Your friends and family enjoy a 10% discount at Wellies.com
  • You earn a 10% commission (net of VAT)

It is a win-win situation!

Ten ideas on sharing your code

  1. Give your friends and family your card. Remember you can order more cards online via the affiliate area.
  2. Share your code online via your social media accounts.
  3. If you’re a blogger or vlogger, review your boots and share your code with your audience
  4. If you’re part of Facebook groups (and similar), share the code there, just remember to check with the admins first
  5. If you frequent a place regularly (park, stables etc.) you can display our posters which contain your code there (again, seek permission), simply order the posters online
  6. We also provide banners for use. Ranging from 0.5m x 1m to 2m x 4m We can design a banner to suit your requirements. Just get in touch
  7. Are you friendly with your local pet/tack/gun/tackle/nursery/camping shop owner? Then you can request a bundle of leaflets and a leaflet dispenser and ask them to display it in their shop.
  8. If you own a business, you can share the code with your customers.
  9. You may have a great idea for us. If you do, let us know, we love to collaborate with you on whatever you do!
  10. And finally… Why not hire a blimp and float it above your house for all to see?!

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