Wellies.com Loyalty Scheme

Wellies.com Loyalty Scheme is open to everyone. We’ve made it as easy as possible!

How to earn Wellies.com Points

For every £1 you spend, you’ll earn 5 points.
There are some additional ways to earn points too:

  • Earn 100 points for your first order with us
  • Earn 100 points for signing up to our newsletter
  • Earn 100 points for following us on Facebook
  • Earn 100 points for following us on Instagram

How to spend Wellies.com Points

You can spend Wellies.com points any time you make a purchase through the Wellies.com website. When you get to the checkout, simply use as many points as you wish to get money off your order. Each point is worth 1p off your order.

As an example, if you’d earned 100 points from your first order plus 300 points for spending £60, you could then use those 400 points to get £4 off your next order.