Wellypedia: The Rainiest Day on Record & 10 Cool Things About Wellies

Today Google is commemorating the rainiest day on record with a Welly themed Google Doodle.

On this day, December the 5th in 2015 13 inches of rain fell in Cumbria in 24 hours. Now that’s a lot of rain! Google are commemorating the event with their fun little Google Doodle.

Here are 10 cool things about the wonderful world of wellies!

  1. The original wellington boots were actually made of leather
  2. 1,185,036! The number of pairs of boots Hunter Boots made for soldiers in WWI
  3. Seathwaite in the Lake District is the wettest place in the UK
  4. 1852 – The first year rubber was Vulcanised!
  5. Arthur Wellesley, The Duke of Wellington – the chap that Wellies are named after
  6. Gum boots, Rain boots, Redbands, Blucher Boots are all names for Wellies
  7. Le Chameau, a brand worn by Princess Kate, means “The Camel”
  8. Size 18! The biggest size welly Hunter made
  9. 52.73 metres! The Guinness World Record for Welly Wanging
  10. In the 20th Century Rubber was dearer than silver!

Thanks for reading.


Mr Welly

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